Monday, 15 August 2016

Airwheel E6 and Airwheel E3 smart Best Electric Bicycles are like twins popping in the intelligent equipment market

Generally speaking, everything is going smoothly in the past years for Airwheel. Airwheel continues its career in the intelligent vehicles industry and unveils two folding electric bikes, E6 and E3. The twins-like electric bikes come out into the market in an overwhelming way.

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Say goodbye to the past turmoil in self-balancing scooter market, Airwheel has already made a plan for innovation on product category and intelligent technology. Of course, boast is untenable. Only the product with enough strength, can users prefer to buy it. Since the performance of these two new arrivals are neck to neck, Airwheel might as well rolls out E6 and E3 electric bicycles at same time.

E6 and E3 are all folding e bikes, alike in appearance so we can say they can be called twins fostered by Airwheel. In terms of comprehensive abilities, E6 and E3 are well-matched in strength. The two “brothers” has its own specialty respectively so they can meet customers with different requirements.

E6 helps office elites to retrieve cool and refreshing times. E6 electric bike kit, special X-shaped frame, aluminum alloy shell, 12.6kg’s weight and the forewarning taillight, will get office elites away from miscellaneous pressure. Lots of invisible pressures exist in their work environment which can be reflected as tiredness on Mondays and excitement on Fridays and torture in the midways. What they can do is to ride E6 electric folding bike when they shift between office and home so they will enjoy the temporary freedom. Unfolding this electric bike, white-collar elites will feel relaxed under the considerate protection of pedals and separated seats.

E3 gives some comfort to those travelers who long for a place away from noisy. E3 backpack Smart e Bike, double “O” shape structure, 12.5kg’s weight, replaceable battery packs and multi-functional handle bar, will get you to go on a fresh journey instead of staying at dead office. Before travelling, only a backpack is enough. This backpack is endowed with dreams. The multi folding system allows E3 to be put into a backpack. The battery pack with USB interface can be act as a portable power source for charging smartphones and the app installed in E3 can provide accurate positioning.

The above two electric bikes have their own features. Anyway, they won’t let you down.

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