Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Scottish Spirits presents a new licensing program to liquor importers and promoting the local economy - AYE!

Scottish Spirits ® trademark is registered in over 50 countries and still counting

The licensing program is simple: Scottish Spirits Ltd will lend its trademark to the affiliate during a 10 years period, the local bottler shall solely purchase its Scotch Whisky from Scottish Spirits Ltd and in return the local bottler will be allowed to purchase locally the dry components such as glass bottles, caps, labels, master cases to promote de local economy and save on import taxes.

This way the local bottler is protected by a big brand teaching him the way to success. http://scottishspirits.com/tmlicensing.html

About Scottish Spirits Ltd.
Scottish Spirits ® is a global brand with presence in Mexico, USA and Europe. Our Scotch whisky is produced in Scotland and bottled in several countries outside Scotland under the authority of Scottish Spirits Ltd. Scottish Sprits Ltd was the first company ever to launch Whisky In A Can back in 2012 www.whiskyinacan.com ,today Scottish Spirits in a can comes with a patented re-sealable lid to able the consumer to enjoy its drink now and save the rest for later.


By popular demand Scottish Spirits  launched last month 3 ready to drink packed in aluminum cans. Whisky-Cola, Whisky-Cola and Honey, Whisky-Cola and Cinnamon.

Scottish Spirits ® trademark is registered in EEC countries, USA, CANADA, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, etc...

Media Contact:
Robert Duncan
TEL :321 8379269

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